23 Aug 4 Major Benefits of Making Your Company ISO-Certified
Posted at 7:06 am

4 Major Benefits of Making Your Company ISO-Certified

It is natural to be wary about making a new business investment. However, when it’s about obtaining ISO certification, the expenses are worth it. As the most widely recognized standard globally, ISO certification can let your business grow steadily.


Whether you go for ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001 certification, or any management system certification, the effect on your company will surely be positive. Below are 4 key benefits of having an ISO certification:

Enhances Credibility 

As ISO outlines the finest and futuristic specifications of products, services, and practices, adhering to it improves the overall quality of a company’s deliverable. More and more clients specifically wish to work with ISO-certified companies simply because the certification boosts a company’s credibility and ensures customer satisfaction. ISO certification basically lets customers relax, without fretting over the quality they will get.

Boosts Revenue

Credibility enhancement naturally ensures that sales to go up. As per multiple studies, ISO 9001-certified firms achieve better growth in sales than those that aren’t. Besides, ISO-certified companies are paid 7% more compared to others. The positive ROI associated with ISO certification made 98% companies (in a 2009 UN Survey) rate it as a good or a very good investment.

Reduces Operational Costs

As the whole ISO certification process is rigorous and detailed, it exposes major shortcomings and lacunae in a company that would otherwise have been hard to identify. By adopting proper remedial measures, the concerned organization can plug the loopholes that had been causing resource wastage.

Draws Investors

ISO certification is a boon for those looking for investors. With venture capitalists keen to finance high growth-potential companies, ISO certifications give them the required confidence without fussing over the specificities. An ISO certification virtually acts as an attractive signboard for investors.


Besides the above mentioned points, an ISO certification leaves a positive impact on work environment, enhances professionalism among the employees and lowers work pressure. It also improves the internal communication of the company.

In the words of Isabelle Ledoux, a BDC consultant, “ISO is like making a solid foundation for your house. You can build a strong business on it.”

Making your company ISO-certified can be a game changer. Nowadays, with ISO certification bodies around, the process is no more complicated.

Quest Certification offers reliable ISO certification services in the US and its highly trained and experienced auditors and non-bureaucratic process make the whole experience hassle-free.


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